James Graham

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Ideas are the heart and sould of James Graham's illustration work. The clarity and wit of his approach to visuals makes ideas accessible and appealing, Whether he is illustration complex concepts or simple messages. His style is one of highly refined images invested with warmth and humor, e,bodying the ethos of clear, concise communication with a human touch. James' background is in illustration. He studied at UWE BRistol, and has a masters in communication art and design from the Royal College of Art, London. His early work with screen-printing led to his graphic style developed out of experiments using the limitations of that medium - hence he uses restricted color palettes and forms to communicate with clarity and playfulness. James has worked across the fields of publishing, art, retail, fashion, design, architecture and advertising. He has strong links with the design world, often collaborating with graphic designers, as well as illustration for the print media. He has exhibited at HOuse of Propellers Gallery in London and at renowned annual graphic art event Pick Me Up At Somerset House in London. James lives and works both in London and New York City.